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NovaSight Consulting Group is a startup firm in Atlantic Canada seeking to provide innovative solutions to healthcare challenges by leveraging the unique human capital, expertise, and novel perspectives of Dalhousie students. Students from a variety of faculties (Medicine, Nursing, MBA, MHA, and the School of Graduate Studies) will be placed on tailored consulting teams to solve healthcare-related problems across Atlantic Canada. This approach allows NovaSight to provide customized, high quality solutions for biotechnology and healthcare organizations at very competitive price points. 

The team



Christopher Stone, PhD

Dr. Christopher Stone completed his PhD at McMaster University in 2012, after which he worked at a startup biotech company called Qvella for one year and was involved in diagnostic assay development and research/development of pipeline projects. In 2013, he started as a professor in Pathology and Molecular Medicine at McMaster University and launched a company called Advanced Theranostics, developing biomedical diagnostic tools for hospitals and resource-poor settings. His primary role at that time was fundraising, business development, and research and development. In 2015, he joined Dalhousie Medical school and continues to pursue his medical degree while remaining on as a consultant at Advanced Theranostics. Dr. Stone has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in fields such as vaccine development, bacteriology, virology, crystallography, peptide mimetics, small molecule inhibitors, and enzyme kinetics. He was also awarded the Mitacs Fellowship for fostering a collaboration between industry and academics. 



Saif Syed, MBA

Saif Syed is currently in his second year at Dalhousie's School of Medicine. Prior to studying in Atlantic Canada, Mr. Syed completed his undergraduate degree in Health Studies at the University of Toronto. Subsequently, he completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of McMaster while completing a graduate program in Global Health from the United Nations University. Mr. Syed was awarded the Gorden Cressy Award; thehighest student leadership honour presented by the University of Toronto. Saif Syed has years of experience working in global health, patient safety, healthcare innovation, health equity, quality improvement and brand management, working for organizations such as the United Nations, Toronto East General Hospital, and Johnson and Johnson. Mr. Syed has continued to follow his passions while a student at Dalhousie, currently sitting on the Board of Directors for the Chebucto West Community Health Board and working with the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design to redesign hospital gowns to better meet patient needs. 


Robert G. Zed, Chair, Triangle Strategies Executive-in-residence, Dalhousie University.
Andrew Russell, Olympian, founder of national fitness initiative the FANFIT challenge 

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